Anothen eGift Card

Regular price $25.00

We're now offering our Anothen eGift Card to make your online shopping and gift giving easier!  (eGift Cards are received by email)


  1. Select the $ value, add to your cart and finalize payment at the checkout 
  2. The first email you will receive is an order confirmation
  3. The second email contains the eCard details, which you forward to the recipient
  4. The recipient selects "View Gift Card" to see the code for use in the "Discount Code" field for their purchase


  1. Does the eGift Card expire? The Anothen eGift Card does not expire
  2. Can a eGift Card be used more than once? Yes, provided there is still a balance remaining on the card.
  3. Can the eGift Card be used internationally? Yes, currency conversion takes place when redeemed at the checkout.
  4. What happens if the email with the code was deleted/can't be found? Please notify us at:, we can resend the email.
  5. Can money be added to the eGift Card? No, however, you can purchase an additional eGift Card.
  6. Can more than one eGift Card be used towards a purchase? Yes, a customer can redeem another gift card during checkout.
  7. Can a eGift Card be used in conjunction with a discount code? Yes, gift cards are a form of payment.