"The instruction of The Lord is perfect. It gives us new life. His teachings last forever, they give extraordinary wisdom to ordinary people." [Psalm 19:7]

"Wise people will always gain and enjoy an honorable reputation, but foolish people will make themselves known by disgracing behaviors." [Proverbs 3:35]

"Pridefulness always results in contentions among people. But the desire to seek wise counsel only results in the gaining of wisdom." [Proverbs 13:10]

"The person who learns to handle matters wisely receives success and whosoever trusts in God is made the happiest they could ever be." [Proverbs 16:20]

"A wise person learns more from being corrected once, than a foolish person learns from 100 painful errors." [Proverbs 17:10]

"Do not exhaust yourself to acquire wealth and status. Be wise to restrain yourself from those pursuits." [Proverbs 23:4]

"Being wise is better than being strong. Yes, knowledge is more important than strength." [Proverbs 24:5]

"The person that follows their heart will be fooled many times. The person that walks in integrity and wisdom will have solutions to all their matters." [Proverbs 28:26]

"You must listen to all of my instructions carefully, because you are like sheep entering a land of many wolves. Prove yourself to be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves." [Matthew 10:16]

"First you must decide to do what God says is right, and then patiently wait on God to honor His promises to you." [Hebrews 10:36]

"If any of you need wisdom, you should ask God who will give you it generously and won't criticize you for asking Him fo it." [James 1:5]

"Remember this my dear brothers and sisters, everyone should be swift to listen, slow to speak, and not get angry easily." [James 1:19]

"Who are those among you that have wisdom and insight? They will demonstrate integrity and be humble and wise in all of their deeds." [James 3:13]