Dressing for the Occasion - Clothing and Palm Sunday

In the church we attended as children, everyone was expected to dress exceptionally well on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. Debuting new suits, dresses, hats for men and bonnets for women - everyone had to put on their 'Sunday Best'. As years have passed from our no longer being under a structure that required this, we've thought more about the significance of clothing in the Bible.

We spent the day reading about the historic, spiritual significance of this week.

It was inspiring and somewhat ironic to see how they used their best clothing in reverence of this great occasion… marking #Christs fulfillment of ancient prophecy (Zech. 9:9) Their approach was different than many traditional ones that we have today to celebrate these same holy days.

The first group of people named in this passage are those who were willing to offer the 'clothes off their backs' (so to speak), giving something of great value to show their humility and reverence. They didn't put on their 'Sunday Best', they actually put off their best, laying them down in the road for Christ.

The second group of people cut branches from trees to spread in the way for Christ - This was sincere, but its an act which doesn't represent the same depth of individual giving / sacrifice. 

We are thankful for having many #faithbasedclothing brands today who desire for believers to put on clothing with spiritual messages. But we believe this passage reminds us all of something very fundamental... Though we’re privileged to have clothing as mementos of #Biblical truths, this passage reminds that putting off the material things we value to show our reverence for Christ is more important than putting them on…

Anothen 📜