Many are happy for a NEW year.

But a NEW year doesn’t bring us a NEW mindset.

The Scriptures inform us however, that we have access to a NEW, complete mindset which is available anytime, and works every time we think according to it!

“Do not be (stay) CONFORMED to this world (society, age), but be TRANSFORMED by the renewal of your mind, that by your PROVING Gods will to yourself, you may discern that IT (God’s will) is GOOD and ACCEPTABLE and PERFECT.” [Rom. 12:2]

“CONFORMED” = fashioned, where the world sets the tone, standards, motivations, etc. for our thinking, values and behavior.

‘TRANSFORMED’ = (as when a caterpillar changes into a butterfly by metamorphosis) similarly, describes our change into a new quality of mind when we change our thinking.

‘PROVE’ = put to the test. God wants us to put His word to the test by applying it in our lives. We cannot apply what we don’t know/understand. This brings urgency to learning Scripture. It says we’ll find Gods will to be (3) things that conformity to the world always says it’s NOT:

‘GOOD’ = inherently/intrinsically good and worthy of acceptance

‘ACCEPTABLE’ = well pleasing, satisfying (it’s never causes regret)

‘PERFECT’ = lacking nothing necessary for completeness

We don’t need to measure ourselves by society’s tenuous standards. Nor do we need to depend solely on our ‘best image’ of ourselves as our own standard. God enables those who learn from Him to exceed what they thought possible.

The more we do this, the less our decisions will reflect methods used around us, and the more they’ll resemble the One Who they came from:

“Do not lie to one another, seeing that you have put off the old self with its practices; and have put on the new self, who is being renewed in knowledge that resembles the image of its Creator” [Col.3:9,10]

Putting on the 'NEW self' is best way to wear what you believe. Despite the how broken the world around us operates; we have everything to gain and nothing to lose by doing things Gods way - which starts in the mind.

We can’t think of a better way to spend 2021 (or for that matter, the rest of our lives!)

- Anothen