Spiritual Disciplines

Ability is needed to do anything, and there are many kinds of abilities.

One of the most quoted scriptures along these lines is:
“ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” [Php. 4:13]

What is not quoted as often are the numerous and critically important spiritual disciplines sourced from the unique ability that Christ provided; which produced this great mindset in Paul and anyone who practices them.

Here are (6) disciplines we noticed:
1. Not allowing the world to inform our desires and direct our lives - [Php. 3:19]

2. Knowing and prioritizing our spiritual identity - [Php. 3:20]

3. Building the habit of rejoicing - [Php. 4:4]

4. Establishing a reputation of being unselfish, considerate and reasonable - [Php. 4:5]

5. Responding to situations by invoking Gods help and direction rather than anxiety and quick-fixes [Php. 4:6-7]

6. Disciplining our thinking to discern and focus on things which are genuine, honorable, right, pure, worthy of acceptance and admirable. [Php. 4:8]

The ability Christ strengthens us with to do these things produces astonishing results!!

Because of it, we can get 10x more by bringing that power to how we think and what we do, rather than depending on activities to empower us.

We don’t have to SEARCH FOR🔍 or EARN what we’ve already been given - we just need to LEARN to use it!

Have a great day and week ahead!

- Anothen ⚡️👟 💪🏋🏾‍♀️