Reflecting on the Resurrection

Easter often gets celebrated with baskets filled with candy, fancy clothes, and egg hunts. At this time of the year, many people talk more about the Easter bunny than the Savior, but Christians should celebrate Christ’s accomplishments historically achieved during this time period.

Christian-based clothing brands not only remind Christians of what God did for them, by way of Christ’s accomplishments but also these brands open a conversation with others to share God’s message of love. While traditionally culture celebrates Easter, those who understand what Christ accomplished during this week see it as the perfect time to remind everyone of what makes this time so special and important to the lives of the entire world.

Christian-based clothing

Sin Has Been Forgiven

To understand forgiveness, you first have to understand sin. Although Christians should understand sin, it can be easy to overlook, ignore, or simply forget the whole concept in everyday life. However, ignoring the idea of sin diminishes the amazing gift God has given to the world. Daily reminders, including reading scripture and wearing your favorite faith-based clothing, can help you remember exactly what God did for you.

To appreciate the importance of God’s grace, acknowledging sin makes a great first step. The Bible points out in verse after verse that everyone sins. Consider what God says in the following numerous verses:

  • Romans 3:23 explains that everyone has sinned and that because of sin, everyone falls short of God’s perfection and glory.
  • 1 John 1:8 encourages everyone to acknowledge their sin because denying means you’re simply fooling yourself.
  • Ecclesiastes 7:20 states that you can’t find one perfect person on Earth.
  • Roman 3:10 echoes the previous verses, noting that not even one righteous person can be found.

The Bible makes it clear that everyone sins, but God needs everyone to also acknowledge their responsibility for their sin. God’s Word highlights that no one can blame anyone else for their sin. The following verses make that point clear:

  • Galatians 3:22 emphasizes that sin has imprisoned everyone.
  • Mark 7:15 and 21 quotes Jesus directly, who was telling a crowd and His disciples that the heart generates sin, making it clear that no one causes you to sin but yourself.
  • Colossians 3:5 encourages Christians to turn away from the sinful, earthly things inside of them.
  • Romans 7:25 echoes these verses, highlighting that the flesh serves sin.

Understanding that everyone sins and must be accountable for their sin sounds like a hopeless position, but the story of sin gets worse before it gets better. God’s Word makes it plain that the penalty for sin is death (Romans 6:23), and since everyone sins, everyone must face that penalty.

Christian-based clothing

However, this holiday season where we celebrate Christ as our Passover (1 Corinthians 5:7) should remind the world that God provided a pardon for that death penalty. God provided a way for the world to have their sins forgiven. God provided a way to have eternal life and live with Him forever. God provided Jesus.

Romans 5:8 proclaims that God loved the world so much that while everyone was trapped in sin, Christ died for the world. Because of His death and resurrection, Christians can rejoice that they have received God’s gift of eternal life, their sins have been forgiven, and they have become a member of His assembly of saints (Hebrews 10:25).

Christ Conquered Sin and Death

No one could have eternal life without Jesus. If you have accepted God’s gift of grace, remembering your position as a sinner facing death helps you express gratefulness for Christ’s work on the cross. This historic week reminds everyone of the tremendous sacrifice Jesus made for the world, but you can keep God’s grace first and foremost in your mind every day.

Wearing faith-based clothing can serve as a constant reminder of who saved you from sin. The Bible tells us in the following verses that Jesus gave up everything and suffered under the weight of the world’s sin on the cross:

  • Philippians 2:6–8: Jesus humbled himself to die a criminal’s death on the cross, suffering for the sins of the world.
  • Mark 10:45: Jesus came as a servant, and His many acts of service constantly foreshadowed how He would perform the ultimate service for the world by dying on the cross.
  • John 13: As an act of service, Jesus washed the feet of the disciples who didn’t understand that Jesus was showing them a picture of how His act of service on the cross would wash away sins.

To emphasize the loving act of dying on the cross for the sins of the world, you need to remember that Jesus died willing. He died so that the world could have eternal life. The Bible tells us:

  • 1 Peter 3:18: Jesus suffered and died for everyone so that the world could be brought to God.
  • 1 John 2:2: Jesus paid for the sins of the world by dying on the cross.
  • Hebrews 12:2: Jesus endured the cross for the world.

All the suffering Jesus endured on the cross would be for nothing had it not been for His resurrection. Jesus conquered sin and death by rising from the dead three days after He was laid in the tomb. This resurrection proved that Jesus is the Son of God and that neither sin nor death could keep Him down.

Because of His death and resurrection, Jesus gave the world a path to salvation. God offers this free gift of grace to anyone who chooses to accept it (Acts 16:31). Christians can rejoice daily over the gift God has given, and their faith-based clothing is one way that they can express their acceptance of that gift and their connection to God.

Christian-based clothing

Celebrating Christ All Year

Christians have reason to celebrate Christ’s accomplishments and resurrection all year long. Christ’s resurrection reminds the world that God has a gift of eternal life to offer the world. That gift brings joy and peace, and God wants you to share the news of this gift with others. The Bible encourages Christians to:

  • Go into the world and share the news of Jesus with everyone (Matthew 28:19): Your faith-based clothing helps you share the good news with others. You can share the message with others simply by wearing the clothes, and you have a chance to start conversations with others so you can share the good news of God’s love with others.
  • Not be ashamed of the gospel (Romans 1:16): Like Paul, Christians shouldn’t be ashamed of the gospel. The gospel provides a way out from the penalty of sin. God’s gift of grace releases you from the trap of sin. Understanding God’s love and His plan to offer salvation should be a message you readily share with others.
  • Always have an answer about the reason for our hope as believers (1 Peter 3:15): People always notice something different about Christians—hope. Christians can honor God by always being ready to tell others why you have such hope.

We can share God’s message with others and live your life as an example of God’s love. Jesus offered several examples of how to live in the world, and by living this way, you can reflect His love to others. You can live out Christ’s example by:

  • Being a friend: The Bible tells us that a friends love at all times, not just when you find your friends loveable (Proverbs 17:17). Although the world was full of sin, Jesus loved people so much that He was willing to die for their sins.
  • Being forgiving: God asks that Christians forgive others just like God forgave them (Ephesians 4:32). God forgives with no questions asked and no grudges held. God forgives and doesn’t ever bring your sin up again. He wants you to do the same for others.
  • Being humble: Jesus humbled Himself as a man. God’s Word encourages Christians to exhibit that same humility by taking an interest in others and putting them first (Philippians 2:3).

You can celebrate Christ and His resurrection daily, not just on holidays, and you have good reason to celebrate. The death and resurrection of Jesus gives the world the chance to receive God’s grace. If you’ve accepted God’s free gift of salvation, you can share this good news with others each day to spread God’s message of love, life, and freedom from sin.