Harmony Records - Everyday People

Early in the pandemic, many DJs streamed live-music sets, to uplift and connect people isolated by quarantines.

Musical harmony can uplift and connect people. But, we also noticed that Scripture frequently uses musical words like ‘harmony’ to teach what truly uplifts and connects people, despite their difference or isolation.

So, we’re ‘playing’ some biblical ‘records’ on what makes for true harmony.

Todays record we’re calling, “Everyday People...” it’s inspired from Romans 12:16[NLT]:

“Live in harmony with each other. Don’t be too proud to enjoy the company of ordinary people. And don’t (be conceited) thinking you know it all!”

Having GODS harmony requires #humility and being genuine (having what we call ‘REALationships’,) with ordinary people.

Society may promote arrogance or ‘connecting’ with others for self-gain. But, TRUE harmony never results where humility and genuine love do not exist.

The Scriptures teach ‘turning off’ pridefulness and conceited thinking, and instead being genuine and loving towards ordinary people...

As we learn to do this we have the potential for beautiful harmonies.

These records are Collectors Editions for sure!

-Anothen 🎶