Gifting Compassion

‘Gift-giving’ season inspires lots of generosity (and many un-needed items being returned/exchanged.) But, something everyone needs both to give and receive is ‘compassion’.

So we’re sharing some things the Scriptures say about #compassion.

“The Lord is gracious and full of compassion, slow to anger and great in #mercy. The Lord is good to everyone and His compassion extends to everything He does.” [Psa. 145:8,9]

Despite the hearsay, God IS full of compassion, so He’s qualified to speak. Here, compassion involves being #gracious#patient#merciful, good to all and it influences everything one does (...that is a great key to beating selfishness and the guilt and hurt that it causes)!

“So as God’s people... put on a heart of compassion, #kindness#humility#gentleness, and patience...” [Excerpt Col.3:12]

God being ‘full of compassion’ doesn’t mean He’s not sharing any 😊. God teaches anyone humble to learn it and meek to do it. This enables us to exhibit godly qualities and it influences everything we do. It’s our choice to ‘put on’ what God gave us or exchange that for another mindset.

Though the impulse to do almost anything out of Gods compassion and love is likely correct. It’s thoughtful of God to give us clear examples and simple instructions. That saves us time, risk and the frustration of guessing at how #truecompassion works.

Now that’s the perfect gift that keeps on giving!

- Anothen