Book Recommendation

The more accountability we take for staying spiritually balanced, the more it seems we’re swimming against a fast moving, forceful ocean current 🌊

We wanted to recommend this book 📖/🎧 that for years now has been a great study help in our efforts to maintain spiritual order and balance in our lives - that is based upon Biblical Truth.

Some of our favorite Scriptures on this topic:

“Order my footsteps in thy word; and let not any wrongdoing dominate the way I live.” - [Psa. 119:133]

“The LORD directs the steps of the reverent person. He delights in every detail of their lives.” - [Psa. 37:23]

“The person who learns to handle matters wisely receives success, and whoever learns to trust in God is made the happiest they could ever be.” - [Prov. 16:20]

Anothen 📚