What God thinks of The Scriptures

A lot has been said about God and the Scriptures over the ages. But it’s good to see what ‘they say’ of themselves:

“The laws of the LORD are true; each one is fair.” [Psa 19:9]

“The word of the Lord is correct, and everything He does is trustworthy.” [Psa 33:4]

“But the Lord's counsel stands firm forever, the plans in His mind endure unchanged for all generations.” [Psa 33:11]

“Every word of God is tested to flawlessness... If you claim that He said something that He never said, He will surely reprimand you and show that you are a liar." [Prov 30:5,6]

“... You have exalted Your promises above everything else in creation ascribed to Your name. ” [Psa 138:2]

To God... His words are complete and flawless, designed full of enduring benefits to all generations - without needing modifications by each generation.

What makes God right is not our realizing He is... He’s right because He’s God and everything He does is trustworthy - namely, His Word which He magnifies above everything else He made.

God’s chosen His position... but we each decide what regard we’ll hold them in...

Something to think about... 🤔

- Anothen