#TRUTHfulness is one of THE MOST essential things to our lives. Though we fall short here, GOD is perfect concerning it.

Here are “4 Behaviors of TRUTHfulness” exemplified by #GOD in one #scripture that is a masterclass for any who desire to live this way:

“GOD is not human, so HE does not lie. HE is not human, so HE does not change HIS mind. Has HE ever spoken and failed to act? (No!) Has HE ever promised and not carried it through? (No!)”[Num. 23:19]

Summary of TRUTHful Behavior:
1. To Speak TRUTHfully rather than Lying = Using the power of our words to convey true things, not misusing them by distorting facts, misleading others and sustaining false impressions.

2. To Have a Resolute Mindset Rather than Vacillating = Having our thinking governed by integrity, rather than changing positions at whim, secretly altering agreements or ‘moving the goal post’ to avoid fulfillment of our roles or responsibilities.

3. To Rightly Align Our Words and Our Actions = Having our behaviors governed by accountability, rather than knowingly saying things that we do not intend to fulfill.

4. To Honor Our Promises = Using wise discernment in validating our ability to honor our commitments, rather than disregarding or recklessly breaking agreements.

It’s just as easy to decide to speak #TRUTH as it is to speak what is not… TRUTH only brings benefits, lies only bring hurt, guilt and consequences.

GOD thinks Honesty is always the BEST policy!

Anothen ⚖