’Random Acts of Kindness’

Today many celebrate ’Random Acts of Kindness’ week by doing #KIND things for others... some even call themselves ’R.A.K.tivists’! 😊
We marvel at how even the simplest of GODs timeless principles can instantly change the lives and societies that choose to practice them - because They ALWAYS work!

1 Corinthians 13:4 - Love is patient, love is KIND. It is not envious, it is not conceited, it is not arrogant.

Apparently, the combination of #Patience and #Kindess are the solution to jealousy and arrogance.

Imagine a culture where people aren’t motivated by jealousy, but instead are motivated by kindness... Where #humility is not seen as a sign of weakness, but rather great strength.
How different would our relationships be in every category?! The walls/boundaries often put up in the heart would no longer be necessary... These truths are just part of what The Scriptures teach as the foundations of GODs culture.

These Godly attitudes produce powerful results and truly sweet relationships.

- Anothen