New Year 'Real Renewing'

WELCOME TO 2020!!! Just thinking how often we wait till an event (like the coming of a New Year) to renew things, start NEW practices, etc. We look forward to that feeling of letting old things go that may have hindered or hurt us.

This morning when reading about the #renewedmind in Romans 12:2, it stood out that true life transformation comes by the active 'RENEW-ING" of our minds... Thats cool how The Scriptures teach that the #RENEWINGofthemind is a continual practice. Its not presented as a future goal, nor is it something we do once and requires no further attention or action on our part.... Instead, it is a THOUGHT BY THOUGHT lifestyle... New Years only come around periodically, but NEW thinking is something we can enjoy with every thought... Thats like having a New Years celebration all day long!

- Anothen