Synonyms: modest, submissive, amenable

Antonyms: aggressive, rebellious, wayward

 #Meekness is a term rarely used and whose benefits are rarely seen today.

In a world where people want to be seen as strong, someone who practices proper submissiveness, is thought to be naïve or weak.

But, The Scriptures say ‘meekness’ is a vital character trait to develop:

⚪️ Only we can decide how meek we’ll become – GOD sets NO LIMITS on having great character [Num. 12:3]

⚪️ GOD shows meek people how to make excellent decisions and how to live in a way GOD approves and supports. [Psa. 25:9]

⚪️ Being meek produces #truepeace and abundant prosperity [Psa. 37:11]

⚪️ GOD promises to sustain meek people [Psa. 147:6]

⚪️ Meekness is listed among the greatest character traits to pursue in life [1 Tim. 6:11]

⚪️ We will manifest the wholeness promised by the Scriptures that we know according to our meekness to them [Jam. 1:21]

⚪️ Our meekness to the truths we believe is what enables us to exemplify them [Jam. 3:12-14]

Regardless of what anyone thinks – ‘meekness’ is definitely NOT weakness!

Anothen 🤲