Making Your Mark

If our legacy consists of our example and the marks we make on others, good questions to ask ourselves are: “are we aware of the examples we set?” and “are we aware of the kind of marks we make?”

We’re thankful the Scriptures consolidate clear examples, character traits and behaviors, so we can discern the RIGHT ones and correct the WRONG ones. This gets rid of the guesswork, and helps us be intentional and exact in what we do.

Here are (3) ways The Scriptures say will help us set the right example and make the right “marks”:

1. Having Gods (Agāpé) Love as our standard causes no hurt to others - [1 Cor. 13 /Rom. 13:10 / Jer.17:9]

2. Recognize and honorably treat those setting great examples for us to learn from - [Php. 3:17 / Gal. 6:3-5]

3. Willfully and genuinely care for those we are entrusted with - [1 Pet. 5:2,3]

We cannot control much in life, but we each can decide what we’ll exemplify and what mark we’ll make on others.

Anothen 🎯