SYNONYMS: self-mastery, submissive, direct

ANTONYMS: indulgent, pretentious, evasive 

 Humility is a stabilizing, modest attitude, uncontaminated by pridefulness.

It is a mindset that we choose to develop and sustain.

Humility’s influence on relationships is called ‘meekness.’

Our decision to be humble enables our ability to be #meek towards others.

Humility is vital to building godly character and it salves the majority of our problems. But, it is not promoted by a society that smacks of self-indulgence.

The sciences may study the results and benefits humility, but The Scriptures teach the purpose and function of it.

Here are some life-changing things The Scriptures say:

Humility Produces
⚪️ “…true wealth, honor and vibrant life” [Prov.22:4]

⚪️“… intimate relationships rooted in unselfish love” [Eph.4:2]

Humility Prevents
⚪️“…personal downfalls and destruction” [Prov. 18:12]

⚪️“… broken relationships due to pridefulness” [Php. 2:3]

Considering what The Scriptures say #humility produces and prevents, proves that there is nothing humiliating about being #humble.

Anothen 🤲