Synonyms: reputation, excellence, superiority

Antonym: disreputable, inadequate, mediocrity

Society has opinions on ‘greatness’, but only God can fully and truly define what ‘greatness’ is and how to have it:

“LORD All-Powerful, You are greater than all others. No one is like You, and You alone are God. Everything we have heard about You is true.” [2 Sam. 7:22]

⚪️ Growing our intellect, our abilities and our means are fine, but they aren’t our paths to TRUE greatness - growing our relationship with God IS:

“This is what the LORD says: “Don’t let the wise boast in their wisdom, or the powerful boast in their power, or the rich boast in their riches. If any want to boast, they should boast that they know and understand Me, because My love is constant, and I only do what is just and right. These are the things that please Me. I, the LORD, have spoken.” [Jer.9:23,24]

⚪️ Copying the world’s striving to live by its own terms to achieve greatness, will perpetuate the same confusion, disappointment, hurt, failure and loss in our lives that it does in society. Building a close relationship with God (on Gods terms, not ours) is the simple key to GREATNESS in life - while having happiness, clarity, protection, wholeness and safety:

“Those who look to expectantly to Him for help are made happy; their faces never blush due to shame or disappointment.” [Psa. 34:5]

“O LORD, you protect me and save me; it is Your gentle help has made me GREAT, and Your power has kept me safe.” - [Psa.18:35]

To enter a REAL-ationship with God is to enter a great life!