Finding Real Love

Even though Valentine’s Day has come and gone, people continue to search for true love, hoping to enjoy a deep, personal relationship with someone. Whether looking for love online or searching for a connection in their own neighborhood, people long to fill a void in their hearts. Although having someone to share your life with can be a wonderful experience, God seeks to make a connection to all people on Earth and offers a perfect example of true love.

While people spend time trying to build relationships and make new ones, many look to the wrong places. God offers a perfect example of love. God’s heavenly love, offered freely and in abundance, provides a blueprint for the lives of Christians. The more Christians learn to love like God, the more they reflect the character of God. They not only become more loving to others, but they also point others to God.

Wearing modern Christian clothing may sound like a trivial matter. After all, putting on clothes doesn’t become an act of holiness simply because you donned your favorite faith-based clothing, but for Christians living out God’s love every day, their choice to wear Christian-based apparel testifies of their transformative way of loving and connects them to a Holy God who did so much on their behalf. So the more Christians understand the perfect ways in which God loves us, the more they can show that love to others.

Tying Your Christian Tees to Godly Communication

You can find good communication at the foundation of every loving relationship, including your relationship with God. God communicates with Christians in meaningful, purposeful ways. God speaks to Christians through His Word, and the more Christians dig into Scripture, the better they can know the God who loves them so much and the more they can learn to love like Him.

God longs to communicate with His people. Because God has spoken through His Word, Christians can learn to love like God by:

  • Listening to His Word: Hebrews 10:25 appeals to Christians to remember their need to assemble together. When Christians gather, God promises to be present, and when Christians listen to the teaching of His Word, God communicates His love and plans for them.
  • Digging into His Word: 2 Timothy 3:16 promises Christians that every word in Scripture was spoken by God. Reading God’s Word helps Christians to know and understand Him better. Studying God’s Word reveals the characteristics of God’s love. The better you know how He loves, the more you can love like Him.
  • Talking to Him: 1 Thessalonians 5:17 encourages Christians to “pray without ceasing.” Prayer allows you to communicate directly with God. Relationships with little communication tend to fall apart, but you can count on God to always listen. He wants you to speak to Him and share your burdens, fears, and joys.

Just like God openly communicates with Christians and offers a safe space to share life’s burdens, Christians ought to show the same loving communication with others. God pays attention when people communicate with Him. Christians can show love to others by truly listening to the needs and burdens of others. Listening requires putting others first, and Romans 5:8 explains that God demonstrated His love by putting the world first. He gave Jesus as the sacrifice for sins. The ultimate sacrifice became the ultimate gift, the perfect picture of true love. By sacrificing your needs and wants and truly listening to others, you give the world a glimpse of God’s love through your selfless communication.

Wearing your best Christian t-shirts helps others to see your connection to Christ and give God the glory for your selfless communication. Couples often show their connection by wearing something that signifies how they belong together. Back in the day, girls wore their boyfriends’ letterman jackets. Couples get tattoos or exchange jewelry as a public testament of their connection. In the same way, Christians putting on faith-based clothing seek to publicly demonstrate their connection to a God that loves them abundantly.

Using Faith-Based Apparel to Testify for God’s Trustworthiness

Trust marks a loving, healthy relationship, and God asks Christians to “trust in the Lord with all your heart.” God’s Word overflows with promises that you can trust. Studying the many promises of God found in Scripture not only blesses your soul, but it also gives you a list of the many ways in which God promises to care for you. The trick lies in actually trying out the whole trust thing with God.

Writing down or memorizing verses filled with God’s promises tells you what you can trust about God, but the more you actively rely on those promises the more your trust in God can be confirmed. After all, you tend to trust people in life that you can depend upon, but you don’t know who’s dependable until you’ve seen their dependability in action. Same goes for God. You need to see His promises in action, such as:

  • God takes care of your worries and burdens. The Bible reminds Christians to “give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you” (1 Peter 5:7). Try that out sometime. Make a habit of giving your worries and burdens over to God. You will see that you can trust Him to care for you and carry your burdens for you.
  • God will always forgive you. The Bible encourages Christians that if they confess their sins, He “is faithful and just to forgive” them of their sin and cleanse them (1 John 1:9). This promise should send a wave of relief through your soul. God forgives. Just talk to Him about it.
  • God gives the free gift of eternal life. The most powerful promise you can trust can be found all over God’s Word. Romans 6:23 promises eternal life through Jesus Christ. Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the world, and that free gift guarantees an eternal relationship with Him if you simply accept it.
You can find so many promises in God’s Word, and Proverbs 3:5–6 offer Christians the formula for trusting God.
  • Trust God with all your heart.
  • Don’t dwell on assumptions or what you think you know.
  • In everything you do, seek God’s guidance.
  • God will direct your ways.

Christians can show their love to others by striving to provide trustworthiness that aligns with God’s Word. Be that person other can fully trust, a person who doesn’t have assumed motives or hidden agendas. Keep the promises you make. Be that dependable person that others can confidently rely upon, and don’t make them guess why you can be trusted. Find ways to talk about God’s work in your life. Use your Christian faith apparel as a light in the darkness, pointing others to God’s love.

Showing Loving Support with Modern Christian Shirts

Just like His promises, you can find multiple levels of loving support in God’s Word. As a Christian, you can enjoy the benefits of God’s love through your personal relationship with Him. Just some of the ways God promises to support you include:

  • He will provide strength. Everyone feels weak at some point, and God promises to provide the strength you need for all things (Philippians 4:13). God’s strength sustains the weak and supports those in need.
  • He will give you peace. God promises to love you so abundantly that His love comes a guarantee: the spirit of peace. John 14:27 tells Christians that the world cannot match the peace that God’s love provides.
  • He supports you regardless of sin. God already revealed His character when He sent Jesus to die on the cross. Ephesians 4:4 explains that even though the world was dead because of sin, God loves everyone so much that He sent Jesus to save the world. Despite your shortcomings or how you think you don’t measure up, God looks past that and loves you anyway.

As you study God’s Word, begin writing down the ways God promises to support you. When you meditate on the ways in which God supports His people, you can see the love shining through like a beacon calling you to Him. Loving others means being that beacon. Be that person who provides strength when someone feels weak, who provides peace in turbulent times, who offers selfless love regardless of a person’s shortcomings.

God does so much more than that for His people, but when you read just these few short samples of God’s love, you realize why people so often search for the real thing: Loving is hard work. God loves abundantly, and the more you can model His love, the better you can love others.

In all the ways God shows love, one item links them all: selflessness, putting others before yourself. God tells Christians that He wants them to love others just like He loves them, which means to not think of yourself first, but to think of others (John 13:34). Although that increases the difficulty level for loving, wearing your favorite faith-based apparel serves as a reminder of the One you have a deep, personal connection with, and signifies to others a higher power at work, giving all the glory to the God you serve.