Christ: Humanity’s Greatest Influencer

Culture has its way of influencing perception and what people value in life - especially via social media.

Because many people are remembering Christ on social media, during this historic week. We considered how social media terms like: ‘influencer/ public figure’, ‘following/unfollowing’ and ‘friending’ might apply to Christ.

Christ is humanity’s greatest influencer. He taught ‘service’ to his followers in a way that diametrically opposed what society promoted [Matt. 23:11]

Christ explained ‘following’, as adhering to his example of leading others to GOD. Not as society misconstrues it… as increasing popularity or perceptions of ones fame, wealth or power.

#JesusChrist was instantly ‘unfollowed’ by many people early in his ministry because they wanted him as their public-political figure. But, he said he was sent as the ‘bread of life’ not a political figure [See. Jhn.6:48-66]

Those who Christ ‘friended’ were close, trusted people who believed what he openly shared from GOD. [Jhn. 15:14,15]

Christ’s teachings still reprove and test just as much as they inform, excite and heal. What he taught has never agreed with what society promotes.

We’re thankful that the True Reasons for this season are:
⚪️ Christ’s bloodshed gave humanity access to #forgiveness and #redemption [Mtt.26:28]

⚪️ Christ’s injuries gave humanity access to healing [1 Ptr. 2:24]

⚪️ Christ’s #resurrection gave humanity access to having justification before GOD [Rom. 4:25]

Anothen 🍞 🍷