Brave as a Horse

There’s something about living simply that amplifies our awareness and appreciation.⁣

The Scriptures are the masterwork to living simply... no pretense made - God laying out life simply for those who want to listen. Knowing them helps a person walk balanced and even bravely in adversity.⁣

Seeing the horses reminded us of a passage in the book of Job, where God speaks of the horse exemplifying bravery... for its courage in the face of adversity, as God states the following rhetorical questions... ⁣

“Did you give horses their strength and the flowing hair along their necks? Did you make them able to jump like grasshoppers or to frighten people with their snorting? Before horses are ridden into battle, they paw at the ground, proud of their strength. Laughing at fear, they rush toward the fighting, The weapons which their riders carry rattle and flash in the sun. Unable to stand still, they gallop eagerly into battle when trumpets blast”... [Job 39:19-24]. ⁣

We’re exceedingly thankful that God enables people who trust Him to be just as brave as one of these beautiful creatures.⁣

Chin up... Ride High!⁣

- Anothen