Harmony Records - A Love Supreme

Recently, we’ve been listening to A LOT of classic Jazz.

A solo may spotlight individual talent. But, what makes musical masterpieces is when everyone plays in harmony - which takes practice!

A reason Jazz musicians do this so well, is they learn harmonic scales for their style of music. Having the same standards enables them to play harmoniously together.

Scripture teaches ‘harmonic scales’, or ‘standards’ for likemindedness and a lifestyle of #TrueHarmony. But each person needs to practice them correctly to produce harmonious living.

We’re calling the biblical ‘record’ we’re ‘playing’ for you today - “A Love Supreme” and it comes from 1 Peter 3:8:

“Finally, ALL of you must live in harmony, be sympathetic, love as brothers and sisters, and be compassionate and humble-minded.”

This scripture tells (4) simple, but powerful standards which produce #TrueHarmony:

#Sympathy = having genuine, unfeigned, deep and mutual concern for one another

#Love = kindness extended to others as spiritual family

#Compassion = tenderhearted, merciful

#Humility = living in mutual respect and subjection; not egotistical or opportunistic

The belief that harmony is possible with conflicting standards or none at all, is why there isn’t harmonious living. Scripture teaches that the key to true harmony is having the SAME spiritual standards. As we do so, we’ll enrich one another’s lives and conflicts due to ‘comparing’ and ‘competing’ get cut from the ‘playlist’!

That’s a love that is supreme to what’s experienced daily in the world... and it is music to our ears!

- Anothen 🎷